Our Story

Art of Riding began as a division of Art of Liv’n, a company founded in 2014 by Troy Wiley. While collaborating with Wiley in the development of his products, Darla Green, Maggie Petersen, and Dusty Springer saw the amazing potential in applying this concept and material to equestrian products. As horsemen, Green, Petersen, and Springer recognized the neoprene material for what it was – an easy to clean, durable, and hay resistant wonder. They then began working with Wiley to develop x, y, and z products under the name of Art of Liv’n.

In 2018, Green, Petersen, and Springer took over the production and distribution of the equestrian products as an independent company, Art of Riding. This has allowed them to focus on the quality of the products that they know equestrians want and deserve.

Art of Riding wants to celebrate the talent and tenacity of independent entrepreneurs around the world by bringing them all together. Small independent entrepreneurs supporting one another.”

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